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Lash extensions are a semi-permanent application of individually applied synthetic mink lashes. The lashes look and feel natural and lightweight, but dramatically accentuate and enhance the beauty of your own eyes. Others will marvel at how gorgeous you look without knowing your secret. Get ready for instant, lush results. Eyelash extensions transform your own lashes into lush, beautiful, longer lashes through the application of a synthetic mink lash carefully adhered directly onto your natural lash one at a time. They are weightless, comfortable, long lasting, and waterproof. Lash extensions are great for women who are on-the-go and looking for ways to cut down on their daily prep time. You go to bed looking beautiful and wake up looking beautiful. Upon receiving your new full set of lashes, we’ll provide you with after-care information. However it’s not complicated: no oil based eye makeup removers and no water for 24 hours directly onto the new lashes so that the adhesive can set. Your new lashes will not harm your own lashes and will naturally grow out in 2-4 weeks. In order to maintain the look, we recommend touch-ups every few weeks.

Eye Lash Extensions

Full Set of Classic Customized Lash Extensions


Full Set of Volume Lash Extensions


Half Set of Classic Lash Extensions


45 Min. Touch-Up Lash Extensions


60 Min. Touch-Up Lash Extensions


45 Min. Touch-Up Volume Lash Extensions


Makeup Services

Professionally Polished/ Date Ready Makup


Special Occasion Makeup

$85 *Includes faux lashes, contour and highlight

Eye Makeup Only





Lip or Chin


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Full Leg


Half Leg


Professional Teeth Whitening

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